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Entrepreneur awards for Singapore

Welcome To THE GOLDEN SPACE ® (Singapore Centre)

THE GOLDEN SPACE ® – Non-religious, Universal, New Age Meditation, Alternative Healing, Awareness and Life Transformational Centre. We are proud to be the only Meditation, Life-Transformation, Holistic & Healing Centre in Singapore to receive the Asia Pacific Brands Award 2015, STCM 2010 & 2009 Successful Entrepreneur Certification™ by Singapore Today under the "Gold Category" and the 2013 Singapore Outstanding Enterprise Award.

Our Mission

The Ultimate Mission of The Golden Space® is to be a part of the Universal Force which is Non-Religious & Universal, bringing Heavens on Earth in all ways possible, with Pure Love, Life & Spiritual Healings for Mankind & Mother Earth through the promotion of workshops, courses, healing & other holistic services to all.

Our Vision

The Ultimate Vision of The Golden Space® is to create a Culture of Oneness, with Pure Unconditional Love & Light towards Mankind & all existence on Earth. To Awaken Humanity towards Self-Discovery, Spiritual Growth & Enlightenment - For A Better World for all of us & Future Generations. Providing Hope, Harmony, Peace, Love & Care - Towards creating a Peaceful, Loving, Caring Earth & Inhabitants..We are also pleased to announce that our founder, Umesh Nandwani has received Accreditation from the International Metaphysics Ministry and University.Umesh Nandwani was also chosen to be one of the International Wellness Speaker, to conduct 3 meditation sessions, in The Singapore 2010 International Sun Festival where only world class celebrities are chosen to perform. Click here to read testimony and click Here to read more information

Our Centre

Inaugurated in January 2005 and located conveniently at the heart of the central business district in Singapore, it is dedicated to the promotion of total well-being for health, strength and personal growth for individuals, groups and companies. Attention is placed on the wholeness of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual developments.

Home for “Awaken ~ The Divine You”® Program / Workshops,Basic Meditation Course and “Going Beyond Stress” – A Stress Management Workshop. We offer these holistic classes, holistic workshops and other holistic services like healings, consultations, and past life regression in our cozy and relaxed environment at THE GOLDEN SPACE ® Our classes include non-religious universal concepts of meditation, stress release & stress management courses / sessions, holistic services – reiki healing / universal energy healing, chakra cleansing / balancing, past life regression, energy meridian alignment, space cleansing for homes / offices & intuitive psychic guided readings.Products to enhance further wellness / awareness / healing are also available – from relaxation / meditation CDs to books from globally renowned holistic authors, Oracle Cards, Tarot Decks, Art Prints, Greeting Cards, Posters, Crystal (pendants, raw crystals, pendulums, etc.), Smudgesticks, Silver Pendants, Nepali Pashminas Shawls, etc.

In recognizing that we humans are all One soul & spiritual family,
We warmly welcome everyone to The Golden Space®

Alternative therapy provides a form of healing that is holistic and does not replace any treatment or medication(s) you may be receiving. Alternative therapy takes into account the emotional, mental and spiritual needs, including those of the physical body. Thus, it may or may not provide the results you expect. This is one form of increasing and helping your well-being. Please continue with the treatment(s) and medication(s) you are undergoing. The Golden Space ® & or ShivShakti Healing & Consultancy will not be responsible or held liable for the choices you make. 
* Courses can be postponed due to unforeseen circumstances or lack in number of sign-ups for intake. Participant will be notified at earliest possible changes (if any). 
* Results from courses can vary student per student by individual case depending in the students performance during courses; commitment, readiness and timing at per level of courses.